Friday, April 1, 2011

Welcome to Pyweek

Hello Rakesh and Jayavel,  thank you for your interest. Hope you would be able to enjoy some aspects of game development the coming week. This is just for fun, so don't feel guilty if  you are unable to spend time do due to some other thing. Also, if you can, then enjoy your time fully. :)

Yes, it is fun and I enjoy it. For e.g, I like to learn about game technologies like SDL and OpenGL. (Both are different standards OpenGL supports 3D itseems) and then try with different frameworks.
My take away from this contest is 'build something at the end' however simple or small it is.

To introduce you both to each other.

Rakesh is a friend of mine from Dell. He recently completed his masters in Journalism at Columbia, Chicago. He likes writing. :)

Jayavel is a friend whom I knew through my wife. He is actually my wife's friend. He is currently pursuing  his PhD in mechnical engineering at U.T of Austin. He loves photograph and is very good at it! :)


  1. Hi Senthil and Rakesh,
    Nice to meet you.

    I am more interested in the fun part of the contest and working in such a team.

    I am interested to work in computer generated art, physics based game-modeling and graphics. Thought this might be a fun way to get started.

    Senthil - I am doing a PhD at Texas A&M. :)

  2. Sorry Jayavel, got your univ wrong. I make this mistake often w.r.t some universities, don't know why.