Monday, April 25, 2011

Feedback on A Cat has 9 Lives

Fun: 1.9 / 5
Production: 2.5 /5
Innovation: 2.1 /5
Respondents: 22

Positives - Good score on production.
Negatives - Fun element. More planning is required. People when playing the game are looking for entertaining experience, this is a learning.


  • It's a working game, at least.
  • The cat seems quite grizzled by the fence
  • Very simple game without much depth or challenge.
  • Not a bad effort considering you were learning pyglet during PyWeek. Now that you know it you can move on to more ambitious games. :)
  • Has potential.
  • A pleasant minute's entertainment.
  • The low acceleration and lack of friction make it very hard to get a reasonable velocity while still being able to avoid the edges. This makes it very frustrating to chase down the randomly hopping items.
  • Not too bad but definitely too frustrating for me. ;)
  • this game needs more work
  • nothing to say
  • It is better than most games, because it works. I didn't like the game, but it is finished, so a plus for that.
  • I could not run it on two computers. I finally run this on third one (which had Windows) and saw this.... at least it works.
  • To short! And the random teleporting stuff was just frustrating.
  • It works fine. Perhaps a nice basis for a game. Needs more, please. :)
  • Really frustrating gameplay (probably intended).
  • Cat feels like it's sliding on ice.
  • I could never catch that damn mouse.
  • DULL, and i don't seem to have 9 lives at all.
  • Needs a lot of work on little things, like you shouldn't have to quit the
  • program to start over when you lose. It's not the funnest snake-like game I've
  • ever played, but you did have a good variety of items to catch, even if the
  • sprites weren't that well integrated. Given that we're controllig a cat here,
  • these controls weren't very agile.
  • Excellent. I like cats.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

The game is here:

A Cat has 9 Lives


The player can make Catty move in different directions using the arrow keys. There is a thrust involved when going forward and so player has control the pace.  Catty will be presented with 9 lives, things which catty likes, which include mice, milk, wollen balls and other things.  Catty has to collect all 9 lives to complete the game. They appear in random and some scroll past the screen and they are very quick to disappear.

Catty has be careful while going in any direction because if it hits the surrounding barb wires, it is death!.  

Friday, April 8, 2011

Screen Shot2

The objects move, I am following a tutorial to read about pyglet and try the game.

Screen Shot 1

A cat has nine lives

It is an Asteroid like game. 

The cat should not hit the barb fench, but the cat moves in the direction pointed by the keyboard. The cat should catch nine life-lines which follow random patterns.

Things required, copyright free Images of

1. Cat, png format. 80 x 80 or 100 x 100.
2. Lives of Cat. Things which cats like. Need Nine items. Size, 80 x 80 

The images should be in png with transparent background. I am hunting for these, if you find any, add to the corpus. (just email me).

Monday, April 4, 2011

Slow start..

It is a slow start, but a start anyways.  I am just having the Merlin's sqaure in mind and then started with trying out some code in pyglet.

To get involved at this stage, I would suggest.

1. Think of Merlin's square game and if you get fancy ideas, please write down.
2. If you think, some other game correlating with the theme would be better, please share the details.
3. Try pyglet library which we will use to develop the game.

For step 3, you can install python and install this library called pyglet and then in the examples directory in the pyglet download, try the different games and get an idea of what kind of games can be written using pyglet.

I have written some examples codes to familiarize myself with that library, you can try out those examples too to get an idea.

A Game idea for a Nine Times theme

Exploring the different ideas for this week's contest, I came upon a puzzle game called "Merlin's Magic Squares". It is under puzzles category, it is hopefully fun game (which we as a team can add a lot more fun elements with discussions), and then the maximum number of movies to solve any merlin puzzle is 9.  So, it perfects fits into the theme. We have high scores and leader board if we want.

I think, it is easy to implement too. So, let's keep this idea handy, and if do not any other idea which can beat this, let's go for it.

The need is to complete the game by Sunday.

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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Theme for this week

Ferris has skipped school Nine Times in one semester, which is a lot. If you're on cloud nine you're very happy. Cats have a reputation for resilience, and are said to have nine livesDressed to the nines is elaborately dressed. The whole nine yards is all the way. There are nine players on a baseball team, nine mythological Muses, and nine circles of hell in The Divine ComedyTimes can mean an era, as in medieval times or modern times, or a period in your life, like hard times or good times. It can mean multiplication, as in nine times sixThe Times is a venerable London-based newspaper. Times Square is a major commercial area in New York City.

Friday, April 1, 2011


How it works - Once a theme is chosen, our game should be based on the theme.

One of these will come up:

       Coughlin Brothers Mortuary
       A Fry Cook on Venus
       Warm and Soft
       Sausage King
       Nine Times

And here is explanation of the theme.

The task would be to understand them properly, discern and share what could be good game which if we develop would make sense. :) Forums at site can be used for help.

Welcome to Pyweek

Hello Rakesh and Jayavel,  thank you for your interest. Hope you would be able to enjoy some aspects of game development the coming week. This is just for fun, so don't feel guilty if  you are unable to spend time do due to some other thing. Also, if you can, then enjoy your time fully. :)

Yes, it is fun and I enjoy it. For e.g, I like to learn about game technologies like SDL and OpenGL. (Both are different standards OpenGL supports 3D itseems) and then try with different frameworks.
My take away from this contest is 'build something at the end' however simple or small it is.

To introduce you both to each other.

Rakesh is a friend of mine from Dell. He recently completed his masters in Journalism at Columbia, Chicago. He likes writing. :)

Jayavel is a friend whom I knew through my wife. He is actually my wife's friend. He is currently pursuing  his PhD in mechnical engineering at U.T of Austin. He loves photograph and is very good at it! :)