Monday, April 25, 2011

Feedback on A Cat has 9 Lives

Fun: 1.9 / 5
Production: 2.5 /5
Innovation: 2.1 /5
Respondents: 22

Positives - Good score on production.
Negatives - Fun element. More planning is required. People when playing the game are looking for entertaining experience, this is a learning.


  • It's a working game, at least.
  • The cat seems quite grizzled by the fence
  • Very simple game without much depth or challenge.
  • Not a bad effort considering you were learning pyglet during PyWeek. Now that you know it you can move on to more ambitious games. :)
  • Has potential.
  • A pleasant minute's entertainment.
  • The low acceleration and lack of friction make it very hard to get a reasonable velocity while still being able to avoid the edges. This makes it very frustrating to chase down the randomly hopping items.
  • Not too bad but definitely too frustrating for me. ;)
  • this game needs more work
  • nothing to say
  • It is better than most games, because it works. I didn't like the game, but it is finished, so a plus for that.
  • I could not run it on two computers. I finally run this on third one (which had Windows) and saw this.... at least it works.
  • To short! And the random teleporting stuff was just frustrating.
  • It works fine. Perhaps a nice basis for a game. Needs more, please. :)
  • Really frustrating gameplay (probably intended).
  • Cat feels like it's sliding on ice.
  • I could never catch that damn mouse.
  • DULL, and i don't seem to have 9 lives at all.
  • Needs a lot of work on little things, like you shouldn't have to quit the
  • program to start over when you lose. It's not the funnest snake-like game I've
  • ever played, but you did have a good variety of items to catch, even if the
  • sprites weren't that well integrated. Given that we're controllig a cat here,
  • these controls weren't very agile.
  • Excellent. I like cats.

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